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As soon as candidates start getting matched with your job post you can begin the reviewing process. Remember that we preserve candidate anonymity at the matched stage to mitigate the risk of unfair bias during the initial selection process. This is why you'll see names like 'Yellow Camel' instead of 'John Smith' on the matched list 🐪.

When reviewing the list of matched candidates we recommend that members start by inviting 6-7 of the highest scoring candidates to apply before moving further down the list as necessary. 

When you invite a candidate to apply for your job will automatically send them an email notification. Please be aware that some candidates may be in high demand and receive many invitations from our members - it may take a few days for some candidates to respond.

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If you would like more information about how to manage you candidate funnel, please chat with one of the team via the support messenger on our website, or via the link below.

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