We verify every new Tessellate.co member to keep the platform safe from abuse. We do this in a few ways:

Email verification

All members must have a registered email address they can verify after we send an automated email to that account. Once you have verified your email address, you will be able to access the Tessellate.co platform and start creating draft job listings, however you will not be able to publish a job or view any candidates until we have completed the manual verification process.

Manual verification

Once your email address has been verified a member of the Tessellate.co team will use the details you've provided to check that you are a legitimate employer. To do this, we use a combination of your Companies House ID, your registered business address, and your company website.

How long does this typically take?

Verification of new members is typically completed within a few hours, however please allow up to 24 hours as our teams can get busy. 

I have more questions

If you would like more information about the verification process and how we keep Tessellate.co safe from abuse, please chat with one of the Tessellate.co team via the support messenger on our website, or via the link below.

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