Tessellate.co has been founded and backed by designers who aspire to bring a more cost effective, efficient, and ethically led approach to recruitment in the design professions. We are challenging the status quo to improve outcomes for both employers and candidates alike.

At the very early stages of the development of Tessellate.co we sat down and wrote out some foundational principals that we wanted Tessellate.co to be built upon. The first of these was a commitment to tackling the unethical recruitment practices we had witnessed first-hand in our industry, and to provide a fair and ethical alternative.

Our initial founding principals have since grown and developed into the ethical code below:

  1. We will uphold the highest levels of integrity in the way we conduct business. We will fight for what we believe in and never bow to undue pressure from external forces.

  2. We place honesty and fairness above all else - we operate in an open and transparent manner and will never give preferential treatment to any candidate or employer over another. Our terms of business are clear and we believe offer significantly greater value and flexibility to our members than even our closest competitors.

  3. We will tackle bias and prejudice wherever we find it, and continuously work towards achieving its elimination from the design professions and wider construction industry. The Tessellate.co platform preserves the anonymity of our candidates until they accept an invitation from an employer, minimising the opportunity for unconscious bias to influence the selection process.

  4. We will never make unsolicited job offers to candidates or otherwise attempt to entice individuals away from their current employer. Unless a candidate has expressly informed us that they are looking for a new role we will not match them with any jobs listed on the Tessellate.co platform.

  5. We will empower our community of candidates to take control of their own career and find their ideal role with a great employer. We will never pressure any member of our community to pursue a particular role or candidate.

  6. We will give back to our community wherever we can.  For every candidate successfully placed through Tessellate.co we will contribute £200 to the Tessellate.co Student Scholarship fund, which aims to promote diversity and support greater access to the design professions for disadvantaged students.

Our ethical code underpins and informs every action we make at Tessellate.co If you would like to learn more about how we are providing a truly ethical alternative for recruitment in the design professions, please get in touch with one of our team.

If you have any reason to believe that any member of the Tessellate.co community, including our staff, employer members, candidates, or supplier partners, has acted or intends to act in a way that is counter to any part of our ethical code, please let us know by emailing support@tesssellate.co. Your email will be kept in strict confidence and handled directly by a Director of Tessellate.co.

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Last reviewed: 24/05/2022
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