We work hard to protect the integrity of the Tessellate.co platform and ensure all our users have a positive experience. Our team carry out standard checks on all new companies that register for a Tessellate.co account before they are given access to list jobs. 

If you feel that a company is misusing the Tessellate.co platform or acting in a way that is not in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, you can report them to our support team via email or in the app itself.

Typical circumstances where a member should be reported

  • You have good reason to suspect they have listed jobs with no immediate intention of hiring someone.

  • You receive inappropriate written or verbal communication from them.

  • You believe they have acted or communicated in an unfair or discriminatory manner.

  • Having been introduced to you via the Tessellate.co platform, the member subsequently attempts to approach and hire you directly outside of Tessellate.co.

How to report a member

All our members have a unique Member ID code on their Company profile page. If you wish to report a member you can email our support team giving the Member ID and explaining why you are reporting them. Alternatively you can report a member directly within the app by clicking the Report this member link beneath their Member ID. Our support team will then get in touch to gather more information about why you have reported them before investigating the matter further.

I have more questions

If you would like more information about reporting misuse of the Tessellate.co platform, please chat with one of the Tessellate.co team via the support messenger on our website, or via the link below.

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