The platform has been designed to hand control of the recruitment process back to candidates and employers. This means that we keep some details hidden at the early stages of our matching process to ensure that candidate's details are not passed to an employer without their knowledge, and details about specific roles aren't revealed to candidates until the employer has expressed an interest in hiring the individual.

So what information can I see?

As a candidate you will always be able to see the job title, location, estimated salary range, and a short description of the position. If you are matched with the role you will then be able to express your interest and let the employer know you are keen to learn more.

When do I find out who the employer is?

If the employer thinks your profile matches their requirements they will invite you to submit an application. At this point the full details of the position will be revealed to you including the employer name and a full description of the position. You then have total control over whether you decide to proceed with an application, or not.

When does the employer find out who I am?

Should you decide to submit an application for a position, only then will your name, contact details, CV and portfolio be revealed to the employer. If you decide you don't want to apply, simply click decline and your identity will remain anonymous.

I have more questions

If you would like more information about how and why we work hard to keep control in the hands of our candidates and members, please chat with one of the team via the support messenger on our website and app, or via the link below.

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