The platform has been designed to hand control of the recruitment process back to candidates and employers. This means that we keep some details hidden at the early stages of our matching process to ensure that candidate's details are not passed to an employer without their knowledge, and details about specific roles aren't revealed to candidates until the employer has expressed an interest in hiring the individual.

By keeping our candidates anonymous during the early stages of the selection process we aim to minimise the risk of conscious or unconscious bias coming into play. We firmly believe that candidates should be fairly evaluated on their skills, experience, and past achievements and not treated differently on account of their name, age, gender, race, ethnicity or any other characteristic that's not relevant to the recruitment process.

So what information can I see?

As an employer you will only ever see candidates who closely match the requirements you have set for the position. Once a match has been made you'll be able to view the candidate's anonymised profile, showing only their skills, experience, education, and employment history (but not their name, age, gender, race or ethnicity etc.)

If you like the sound of a particular matched candidate you can then invite them to apply for the position through

When do I find out who the candidate is?

Once you've invited a candidate to apply, if they like the sound of the position and would like to work for you they can submit a full application including their covering letter, CV, and portfolio of work (if applicable). Once submitted, the candidate's full identity, profile, and contact details will be revealed to you, along with a copy of their covering letter, CV, and portfolio (where provided). You have total control over whether you then invite the applicant to interview, or not.

When does the candidate find out who the position is with?

We withhold the name of your company at the early stages to discourage candidates from making unsolicited contact with you, and only reveal it once you've invited a candidate to apply. We believe this approach is better for everyone - employers can't be inundated with speculative and unwanted applications, and candidates don't waste time applying for roles that they aren't well suited for. 

I have more questions

If you would like more information about how and why we work hard to keep control in the hands of our candidates and members, please chat with one of the team via the support messenger on our website and app, or via the link below.

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