One a job post has been listed on we currently only allow members to go back and edit the written job description. This is designed to protect the platform from abuse and avoid giving a negative experience to our candidates. 

Why can I only edit the job description?'s algorithm uses a series of data points to determine candidate matches (see how candidates are matched). Once you list a job post on our matching system immediately starts working to identify matches based on the criteria you have specified, often finding 10's of suitable matches within minutes.

Avoiding candidate confusion 😕

If we allowed members to change the criteria of a live job post then the matches that had previously been identified would no longer be valid against the new criteria. We would then have to withdraw all previously matched candidates from the process and effectively start again, creating potential disappointment and confusion for our candidates, particularly those who may have already expressed interest in the role or are further along in the hiring process.

Preventing platform abuse

We created to help candidates and employers find their perfect fit. In order to do this we need both candidate and employer to be as accurate as possible when telling us their specific requirements for a role. If we allowed job posts to be completely editable we would risk undermining our ability to achieve accurate matches as members could 'game' the system by continually tweaking their role criteria until they found a match, even though in reality the candidate may not be a true match for the job that was originally posted.

To avoid this, once a job post has been listed on, our members are then only able to amend the written job description (as this is not used by our matching system).

So what if I really do need to change the criteria?

We understand that things change and sometimes you will need to adjust the requirements of a particular job post. When this happens we advise our members to duplicate their existing job post and edit the criteria as necessary in the new post. Please see Duplicating a job post for more details.

I have more questions

If you would like more information about editing job posts please chat with one of the team via the support messenger on our website, or via the link below.

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