We encourage all our members to include a more detailed description of the role with every job they list on Tessellate.co.

Why include a job description?

The job description is your chance to share specific details about the role and associated responsibilities with potential candidates. If you are aiming to attract the best talent then a well written job description that paints a clear picture of the role is essential.

What makes a successful job description?

The most successful job descriptions are engaging and help candidates to clearly visualise a typical day/week/month in the role. Some employers make the mistake of just using their internal formal job specification and hoping that will be enough. While formal job specifications are great to give someone once they've been hired, they're less likely to entice candidates through the door.

The key differences between a job specification and a job description are summarised in the table below:

We recommend writing at least one introductory paragraph that quickly communicates the opportunities and benefits of the role, and that will encourage the candidate to continue reading on. Above all be honest and authentic - there's no harm in emphasising what makes your role and company stand out from the rest, but making obviously over-exaggerated claims is likely to put people off altogether.

What should I include?

While we don't prescribe a particular format for job descriptions on Tessellate.co, we recommend that members include the following details as a minimum to help attract candidates:

  • The job title (try to avoid 'quirky' titles that people may not engage with)

  • Where the role sits within the team, department and wider company

  • Who will they be in regular contact with? Who will they report to?

  • Any education, qualifications and training required for the role

  • Any specific skills and experience required to excel

  • Key areas of responsibility

  • Short, medium and long-term objectives

  • Outline details of the scope for progression and promotion within your company

  • Any location and travel requirements.

  • Remuneration range and benefits available (if applicable)

What not to include

We recommend members avoid including any of the following in their job descriptions on Tessellate.co:

  • Excessive unnecessary jargon and acronyms - write in plain English!

  • Avoid clichés - everyone wants a highly-motivated, well-organised and proactive individual - try and focus on the more specific attributes you are looking for.

  • Language that risks being misconstrued or could be interpreted as discriminatory.

  • Contact information (telephone numbers, email addresses etc) - these will be automatically redacted by our platform and their inclusion may lead to suspension of your account 😰.

Other resources

The internet is awash with resources to help you write a good job description. We've collated some of our favourites below:

Textio - Writing more effective job descriptions (download required)
The Plain English Campaign - Helping people to avoid jargon since 1976!

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