Having trouble signing in to Tessellate.co? Try these options:

1. Switch it off, switch it on again...

Try closing your browser completely and then starting again - you'd be surprised how often this works...

2. Clear your cookies 🍪

If restarting your browser didn't work, the next option is to clear your cookies. See third-party guidance on how to do this in every major browser here.

3. Reset your password

We're not suggesting you've forgotten it, but sometimes resetting your password just magically does the trick.... Just click the 'Don't remember your password?' option on our login screen to begin the reset process. We won't ask questions... 😉

4. If all else fails...

If none of the above work then give our support team a shout via the support messenger on our website. Don't be offended if we ask you restart your browser again.... 🙄

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