Tessellate.co's algorithm has been developed to quickly and efficiently search our database of candidates to help you find the perfect match. If you find that one of your listed jobs is not attracting many matches you may want to consider reviewing the criteria you have set.

Skills and experience

When setting the skills and experience requirements for a particular role it is generally better to set a slightly lower requirement to reduce the risk of missing a candidate who may have underestimated their own abilities.

As a general rule of thumb, unless you absolutely must find a candidate with extensive skills or experience in a particular sector or subject area, we advise setting a maximum requirement of 4 out of 5.

Work experience

When setting the number of years work experience required for a role please be aware that this is a hard filter in the Tessellate.co algorithm. This means that if you tell us you need candidates with at least 5 years professional experience we won't show you any candidates with less than this. If you find you aren't seeing many matches for a particular role, try lowering the professional experience requirements.

Still not getting matches?
If you still find you're not getting any matches through, give our support team a shout and they'll be happy to take a look into it for you. You can reach us via the support messenger on our website, or via email at the link below.

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